Public Art Proposals
Proposal for a publicly sited work, commissioned by Slough Borough Council, 2005
This is an idea for simply announcing the High Street and its renewal, intended to emphasize the positive qualities of the street today and to allow very many people to join in its making.
I have imagined a talking streetname sign: HIGH/STREET/SLOUGH.
It would comprise three video images arranged side by side, each with accompanying sound output which would only be audible at very short range.

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Endless Column
A site-specific public art proposal for the University of Southampton
Burgess Road, Southampton, February 2005.

A rapidly streaming video tower displays an endless cycle of identity card portraits of University members.

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Destination Art Plus

A proposal commissioned by Arts Council England South East for an exhibit to illustrate the current ACESE/SEEDA scheme, the Art Plus awards for Art in Public Places. The project involves a three metre array of pop-up cardboard figures, fourteen miniature video screens, and an 00 Gauge model railway. First showing: Jubilee Library, Brighton, 18 - June - 1 July 2005.

2005, DVD; duration 2 minutes

A fixed camera view of the artist wearing suit, collar and tie, and a paper mask of the Star Wars robot C3PO. Though the mask is 'dumb', movement of the head suggests he is speaking. There is a multiple soundtrack, however, with the artist's whispered words overlayed on one another after the manner of a Star Trek 'collective consciousness' sound effect. The main text, in two extemporised versions, is about robots in the movies, but occasionally a third track, about the artist's childhood and his late grandmother, breaks through, seemingly distracting the robot and causing it to turn off the sound recording. The blankness of expression on the crudely printed face mask seems to give way to alarm, incomprehension, pathos or aggression.