Exhibition: John Bull War and Peace,
The Bracknell Gallery, South Hill Park, October 2004
John Bull War and Peace
2004, computer-animated video;
unknown duration

A pair of hands manipulates a toy printing set comprising rubber letters, plastic holder, metal tweezers and an inkpad, to print text on a page. The page when full is turned over and the process continued on the reverse. Thereafter a fresh sheet of paper is introduced. The text is that of an English translation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Each page is numbered. The staccato presentation of the images suggests the low frame rate of speeded up video or time-delay photography.

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The Making of John Bull War and Peace
2004, DVD; 18 minutes

Normal speed, real-time video from a separate camera, of the processes shown in John Bull War and Peace, representing the entirety of the video content of the work. In a repeated commentary, the artist describes what he has done, discusses the significance of duration in time-based art, and questions the difference between endurance on the part of the artist and patience in the viewer.
only shown with John Bull War and Peace

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Oncoming Traffic
2003, DVD; duration 5 minutes

The view from the passenger seat of a car parked outside The Winchester Gallery. The artist climbs in and drives off. As cars pass in the other direction, he names them by make and model. The work is edited to remove all intervals between passing cars. The journey ends outside Southampton City Art Gallery. The artist parks and leaves the vehicle.
also shown in [sub]Urban, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth 2003

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The Making of Oncoming Traffic
2004, DVD; duration 60 minutes

Complete and unedited video of the round trip from Winchester to Southampton and back, from which Oncoming Traffic is edited. In a voiceover commentary the artist describes what he has done and asks which is more important: the idea for a performance, the fact of a performance, or the actual performance.
only shown with Oncoming Traffic and Gone In Thirty Seconds

Gone in Thirty Seconds
2004, DVD; duration 30 seconds

A highly condensed version of Oncoming Traffic, comprising a sequence of black and white full-frame stills from the video, details of colour stills from the video, overlaid captions showing the names of the cars, and a double-layered excerpt from the original soundtrack.
only shown with The Making of Oncoming Traffic and Gone In Thirty Seconds

Oncoming Traffic
2004, artist’s book; 297 x 297mm
inkjet on cartridge
10 pages, wiro-bound

The complete set of cars from Oncoming Traffic, captioned with make and model.